Golden Triangle Hang Dong

Though Golden Triangle is in Hang Dong, around 40 minutes outside the city, the open-air galleries of the two-hectare store sticks to Chiang Mai’s artistic, rustic narrative with its shady arcades and impressive collection of antiques from around Asia. Originally established in 1995 as the refinishing workshop for The Golden Triangle store in Chicago, the Chiang Mai outlet has since grown into Chiang Mai’s largest single source for fine antique furniture. The cluster of buildings that are arranged around the courtyard house museum-worthy benches and intricately carved wooden chests along with a vast collection of pieces not just from Thailand but Pakistan, China, Myanmar, and Central Europe as well. They also specialise in excellent reproductions, that are marked and sold as such. It’s easy to while away an afternoon strolling through the space’s tree-shaded pathways and pieces that provide both history and aesthetic satisfaction.

Address: 82 Moo 1 Chian, Mai Hod Road, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai
Phone: +66 (0)53 434 700

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