Sop Moei Arts

Incredibly stylish products and aesthetically pleasing space aside, Sop Moei Arts stands out in comparison to other boutiques that dot Wat Gate. The brand has been working with the Pwo Karen in the Sop Mei district of Mae Hong Son Province for 30 years employing villagers’ expertise in weaving and basket making. While creating a sustainable source of income for the community, the organisation's efforts also help keep alive the tradition of the Pwo Karen’s craft, which is rapidly disappearing. The resulting products are colourful, luxurious, and make great souvenirs to bring back home. Find everything from tapestries to table runners to handbags that are undeniably Thai yet are unlike any products you’ll find anywhere else (except for the brand’s Bangkok shop). Plus, the informative staff will help you get familiar with the community that your purchase is directly benefiting.

Address: 150/10 Chareonrajd Road, Wat Gate, Muang, Chiang Mai
Phone: +66 (0)53 306 123

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