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Rajah Brooke Suite Bedroom

Rajah Brooke Suite Bathroom

Rajah Brooke Suite Balcony 1

Rajah Brooke Suite Balcony 2

East Borneo Suites Bedroom

East Borneo Suites

East Borneo Suites Balcony

East Borneo Suites Outdoor Shower

Louis Leonowens Pool Suites Bedroom

Louis Leonowens Pool Suites Bathroom 1

Louis Leonowens Pool Suites Bathroom 2

Louis Leonowens Pool Suites Bathroom 3

Louis Leonowens Pool Suites

William Bain Terrace Suites

The Dining Room 1

The Dining Room 2


Palette Restaurant 1

Palette Restaurant 2

Afternoon Tea

Foie Gras

Pad Thai

Thai Beef Cheek Curry

Thai Duck Curry 1

Thai Duck Curry 2

Thai Lamb Shank Curry


Western Appetiser 1

Western Appetiser 2

Western Lamb Chops

Private Dining Wine Cellar

Bread Making 3

Bread Making 15

Bred Making 21

Coco Flame


Hot Butter Rum

Ice 1

Ice 5


Smashed 2

Smashed 4

Aged Teak Signature Cocktail

Gin Tea

The House

Cooking Class

Private Airport Transfers

Swimming Pool


Lobby 2

Personal Butler

The Parlor Lounge

Wedding 1

Wedding 2

Wedding 3

Wedding Dish

Wedding 5

Farm 4

Farm 7

Farm 14

Farm 51