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Bespoke Biking at 137 Pillars House

Chiang Mai has developed a strong biking culture which has led 137 Pillars House to team up with Ron Gerrits from “Creating Balance” to offer a bespoke road biking menu for its guests; whether a leisurely ride on flat terrain, or full on triathlon training.  Guests are required to supply their own bike, helmet and equipment and are recommended to have a travel insurance plan that covers cycling.  
Ron Gerrits Bespoke Biking[1]
Ron is a certified and registered international coach of the International Triathlon Union and the name of his company “Creating Balance” symbolizes the vision and manner in which he coaches and trains his clients.  He is an active triathlete and has over 30 years’ experience coaching various disciplines including triathlon, rock and alpine climbing, spinning and self-defense.

The bespoke biking options can be customized to each guest’s requirements and fitness/training levels. Rides can be arranged on flat terrain, hills or a mixture of both and for various distances and durations; 50-70 kms (2-3 hours), 70-100 kms (3-5 hours) or 100-150 kms (4-6 hours).  Ron meets the guests the day prior to discuss the ride/training programme and confirm all the arrangements.   Guests and bikers are collected from the hotel in a support vehicle on the day of the ride, that n takes to them to the start of route and returns them to the hotel on completion of the ride. 

He can offer regular fitness training, cycling skills and techniques or specific skills in accordance with each guests’ preference.  He also offers workshops for triathlon training, including materials, mind setting and preparation techniques.   The minimum age for the programme is 14 and the maximum number of participants in a group is six. 

Prices for the Bespoke Biking programme are as follows:

  • Morning Short Ride - THB12,000 (USD 360 approx) nett per person – includes support car vehicle and refreshments
  • Morning Long Ride - THB 18,000 (USD 540 approx) net per person – includes support vehicle and refreshments
  • Workshops – From THB 6,000 (USD180 approx) net per person depending on duration

Suites at 137 Pillars House start from Baht 12,000 (USD 363) per night, including breakfast.  Rates are seasonal and are subject to applicable service charge and government taxes. 

For more information and reservations, please contact 137 Pillars House on:

Tel:                  +66 53 247 788
Fax:                  +66 53 247 780

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